Cyber crime

5 Tips to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Crime

The widespread prevalence of smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles has made it convenient for the young generation to access the internet 24/7. Today’s teens and tweens spend most of their hours sticking to the online world of social media where they may expose to several vulnerabilities such as bullying, child predation, pornography, sexting, scamming, catfishing and online sex crimes.

This article discusses how can you safeguard your kids from cyber-crimes and minimize the risks of your child becoming a victim.

Use Parental Control and Monitoring Software

According to a recent study, more than 50 percent of teens hide their internet activities from their parents. The teen spy guide can record their online as well as offline activities to let the parents know what their kids are up to.

There is numerous parental control software that allows parents to monitor and manage the internet access and offer a broader range of features including web filtering. You can block age-inappropriate websites, gaming websites, online shopping websites and many other websites containing restricted keywords. It is recommended to tell your child that his/her online activities are going to be monitored. Also, talk about your expectations and explain to them how you want them to use the internet.

Place computers in trafficked area

Most teens use their smartphones to access the internet but the younger children and tweens use the family computers to be online. Placing your home computer at the highly trafficked area where parents and older siblings can monitor the computer online activities can lower down the risks of your kid intentionally exposing to inappropriate stuff.

If your kid is below the age of 8, it is appropriate to sit with him/her and supervise the internet use. Also, guide him/her about the responsible and secure use of the internet.

Restrict Downloads and Sharing

Majority of the gaming and movies websites host ads clicking on which may lead the kids to age-inappropriate or sexually explicit stuff. As well as exposing to objectionable stuff, they may also lose their personal information.

Do not allow your kids to download or click on the ads without informing their parents. Moreover, restrict sharing photos, videos, and other documents.

The teens like capturing their moments and sharing them right away with their buddies online. Restricting them from sharing their personal or inappropriate photos may protect them from the predators, sex offenders, and scoundrels.

Set Limits on Mobile and Internet Use

It gets harder and harder to put the restrictions on your kids as they grow older. However, setting limits on the excessive internet and mobile phone use at an early age can minimize the chances of exposing them to pedophiles and child predators.

Do not allow your kids to go online or communicate with anyone via phones late at night. Usually, the sex offenders and predators spend their night hours targeting adolescents.

The fact that kids are less supervised during the evening and night hours makes the predators more vulnerable. Moreover, set digital rules for the use of digital devices including mobile phones, computers, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and television. Do not allow your kids to be an addict to these technologies. The less time they will spend on these devices, the less likely they will be to expose to cyber-crimes as victim or target.

Have frequent discussions

Keep the communication lines open with your children. Talk to them and be available to them to listen to their things. Let them learn about the cyber-crimes, child predators, cyber-bullying, catfishing, and other online crimes.

Ask open-ended questions about the internet use and their experiences regarding the use of mobile phones, computers, and internet. Also, stay in touch with other parents and keep updated about the latest trends and technologies. Talking with other parents can help you know what the cybercriminals are up to these days.

You can also communicate with the cyber-crime unit of the local law enforcement agency and ask them about the recent internet crimes. Staying updated about the internet crimes against children will help you safeguard your kids from those crimes.

The Bottom Line

The internet perks are undeniable as it helps children in getting the education, meeting new people, building confidence and releasing study pressure. At the same time, the excessive and unsupervised internet use may expose the teens and tweens to several cyber-crimes.

They may become a victim of cyber bullies, child molesters, pedophiles, scammers, and hackers. Getting your kids to learn about these online threats and using criminal parents guide help to safeguard them from the vulnerabilities of the online world.