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Android spy app Features – Do You Know Tapping Someone’s Text Messages Can Save Their Life?

The technological revolution has completely changed are our lives. Kids are handed over mobile devices at a fairly early stage, and they succumb to issues that were not common in the past. According to different surveys conducted worldwide, suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers. The research also indicated that out of every 5 teens 4 have shown clear signs of committing suicide. The worst part is, most of us fail to spot these signs. Thanks to technology, now you can easily recognize if your kid is having suicidal thoughts or is mentally disturbed. With tracking apps on your kid’s device, you can peek into their lives and discern what’s going on in their minds. Early detection of distress in kids will allow you to resolve the problem beforehand. Here is how tapping someone’s text messages can aid you to save a child from giving up on life.

  • Look for Suicidal Propensities

SMS can tell you the whole story, whether it’s peer pressure, cyberbullying, breakup or something else. It’s normal for kids to share their thoughts about losing interest in life or committing suicide with their friends. If you happen to come across any text messages that depicts suicidal tendencies such as “life is really tough”, “I wanna die”, “I don’t want to live anymore”, “I can’t live without her”, etc. you can instantly talk to the kid as these depressing thoughts can grab hold of their mind and later compel them to commit suicide. Remember, no one thinks about committing suicide overnight, so keep a sharp eye on your kids’ text messages and spot the smoke early.

  • Look Who’s Texting Them

It’s not irrational for parents to know who their kids are communicating with. Back in the day, it was easy for parents to know the identity of their kids’ friends. Because when their child’s friend used to call them through landline they have to declare who they are and why they are calling to the person picking up the phone. Unfortunately, that ease of knowing has disappeared long ago. Today, kids exchange their cell numbers and IDs with one another and unfamiliar people without giving a second thought. Considering the hazards posed by online predators, it’s vital for parents to keep a tab on their children’s text messages and take every step to save them from bad influence. Apart from monitoring the messages, being a parent it’s your responsibility to guide your kids in the choices and relationships they make.

  • Look Who’s Distracting Them

Constant messaging can greatly distract your kids from their schoolwork, outdoor pursuits and socializing. It can even distract them from other screens! If your kid gets addicted to text messaging, it will have grave consequences. Like a gambler, they will feel the compulsion to check for new texts constantly. It can affect their sleep. As a result, they will face problems when it comes to focusing on important things. Additionally, to cover up their misdemeanors they will start lying. All these will negatively impact their academic performance along with their ability to communicate and socialize with people. So it’s not a bad idea to set some restrictions when you provide your kid with a cell phone and see who is trying to distract your child. You can ensure your kid is following the rules by frequently checking their incoming and outgoing messages through the android spy app.

  • Choose an App That Gives You Full Access

When it comes to accessing kids’ smartphones, most parents would want to know whether they’ll be able to see both sent and received text messages with a tracking app. Will a monitoring app allow them to access the SMSs that are present on the device before installation? If there are too many messages on the phone how they’ll be able to look for specific ones? And whether they get to access the deleted messages as well? Well, tapping someone’s text messages through a reliable monitoring application enables parents to read both sides of a conversation.

This way, you’ll be able to keep track of all the text messages sent or received from your kid’s device. You can even monitor messages that are available on their device prior to the installation of the tracking application. Additionally, you can sift out unwanted texts and can get instant notifications for those that include your specified words or phrases. With a dependable app, you can even access the deleted text conversations as such apps have the tendency to immediately upload data onto their portals.