Benefits of Technology

Benefits of Technology on Parenting

Parenting is one of the most important elements in the mother or a father life. Parents have to do parenting in order to provide children with a friendly environment and to let them learn the roles of life to meet with daily life challenges.

 However, it been decade now digital parenting has been converted into digital parenting due to the high influence of technology on our lives. Technology in the shape of cell phones, gadgets, and computer laptop and desktop machines connected to the internet, has provided plenty of tools to impose digital parenting.

 Moreover, there are many other benefits in terms of parenting that especially parents are using in order to protect their kids and teens online. Let’s discuss the benefits of technology in terms of parenting.

Technology benefits in terms of parenting

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Tracking gadgets

Parents these days can track their young adolescents outside the house or inside the house when parents are not presents on children heads. The contemporary gadgets are in the number of forms help out parents to track their children in multiple ways.

 Those parents that are professionals and don’t give enough time to their children tracking gadgets are the best tech –creatures for them. So, technology in terms of tracking wrist gadgets is the best example of parenting.

Smart cameras in homes

The piece of technology in the shape of smart cameras installed in the houses is the best tech devices for parents. Parents can remotely keep an eye their children activities at home using their mobile phones.

 They can remotely move the lens of the cameras in every direction and can see what is going on in their home and what their kids and teens are doing in different rooms or parts of their home.

Moreover, they can also be fixed smoke alarms with the combination of the smart cameras. In –case of having an emergency in the shape of sudden fire. Parents can remotely see what has happened in the house and can take immediate action to protect their children.

Remotely unlock the doors

What happens in-case parents forget to lock or UN lock the garage door especially when they halfway across the town. However, contemporary technology has empowered busy or working parents to remotely lock or unlock the doors of the house for their kid’s safety.

Let’ see the combination of the technology such as tracking gadgets, cameras in the house, fire alarms and remotely lock or unlock the door. If the fire break out parents can get to know remotely using a smart camera and can listen to the alarms and further they can track their kids’ location and also remotely lock or unlock the doors.

Smart Thermostats

These are one of the most important and smart home devices for parenting. The particular intelligent devices allow your family especially your children to adopt your daily life schedule and as well as weather outside and allow you to lower your heating and cooling.

Moreover, parents can use it for their children comfort and best for saving money from extra bills alongside the parenting activities.

Video Games

When it comes to the latest video games young kids and teens love to play on play stations, augmented reality-based video games at their home without disturbing parent’s piece of mind.

Young kids and teens play cell phones games and other large size video games players. So, parents got time to have little rest after they have come back from a workplace. Technology in terms of video games also helps out parents to do parenting.

Cellphone &computer monitoring apps

Contemporary cell phones and laptop and desktop computer machines connected to the internet are full of vulnerabilities. Today, young kids and teens secretly create social media and dating apps accounts on their mobile phones and often trapped by the bullies online, stalkers and as well as sexual predators.

Moreover, young kids and teens use social messaging apps for text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversation, share multimedia with strangers and let people breach their privacy willingly.

So, the parent can use mobile phone PC monitoring software to monitor all of the teen’s activities on social media using cell phones or computer. They can remotely get to know all the browsing history and as well as chat and multimedia logs with use of parental control apps.


Hence, technology is playing a remarkable role in serving the whole of humanity apart from the fact that it has created multiple hurdles as well. When it comes to parenting technology is serving parents to the fullest.