Android Keylogger

TheOneSpy Review: Best Keylogger for Android

The android mobile phone technology is one of the greatest we have ever come across with and today it is evolving all around the globe. Today, everyone owns the android cell phones and gadgets connected to the cyberspace.

So, the usage of android smartphone technology at their peak and people including young kids and teens use it all day long in terms of text messages, cell phone calls, browsing activities and last but the least use of social messaging apps.

Young kids and teens do messages, conversations, audio and video conversations, share multimedia as photos and videos and plenty of others activities alike. So, the obsession with the android technology has been penetrated among the society and young kids and teens are on the top of the list.

Therefore, there are number of parental concerns over the years have come into existence and parents other want to know what their kids and teens are doing online with the use of android technology in the shape of mobile phones. So, there is a dire need to have android technology in terms of android monitoring app. So, all you need to do is to use TheOneSpy keylogger for android.

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Install cell phone spy app for android

First and foremost you need to go online and further visit the official website of TheOneSpy. Now you need to subscribe for the Android tracking app. Further, you need to follow the installation steps.

Step1: Subscribe for TheOneSpy Android spy app

Initially, you need to go the web and then you need to visit the website of the phone spy software for android and subscribe for it. Then you will get the credentials such as passcode and ID and further you need have access to the target android cell phone or gadget.

Step2: Get physical access on the target device

Now you need to have physical access on your target device that needs to be run with Android operating system. Once you have access on the target device, get started with the process of installation.

Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. While you are doing activation a pop –up will appear on the screen of the target device. It will empower you to hide the icon of the mobile spy app for android. Once you have done it successfully then you need to move towards the next step.

Step3: Get Access to online control panel

It is the time to use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription. Use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of the android tracking app.

Moreover, you will be able to use TheOneSpy android surveillance app features including keystrokes logging for android that provide you each and every single keystrokes applied on the target device with complete time stamp. Let’s discuss how you can use keystrokes logging for android.

Cell phone monitoring app for android Features

TheOneSpy keylogger

Once you have got the access to the web portal of the android monitoring spyware, then you need to visit the features such as a keylogger. Once you have it, then initially you need to go to the sync settings to put keylogger at “ON” mode.

When you activated it, then you will be able to get the following keystrokes and get to know about the activities of your target user on the target android cell phone with a complete time stamp.

Messenger keystrokes

You can get the messenger keystrokes. I mean you will be able to get your hands keystroke of social media apps installed and activated on the target device. Once the user has the messenger’s keystrokes they can use it and get access to the all the activities to happen on the messenger to the fullest.

Password keystrokes

The user can also get their hands on all types of passwords applied to the target android device that allows the user to get the information they are looking for.

SMS keystrokes

You can get to the SMS keystrokes applied on the target device and get to know the messages, and conversations made by the target user to the fullest.

Email keystrokes

The user can read all the sent/received emails by using the spy app for android keylogger tool. You will be able to have keystrokes applied on the target device in term of emails.


Best keylogger for android is one of the most popular and powerful features of TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app for Android. It empowers the user to catch all the keystrokes applied on target device/.