Best Monitoring Software for Mac and Windows Computers

Are you in quest of monitoring software to track the happenings of your family and business members on Windows and MAC computers? There are scores of monitoring software available on the internet facilitating employers and parents to monitor their kids and employees tracking their computers. While employers can boost the productivity of the workforce and prevent theft and abuse of company-owned computer devices, the parents can take the support of monitoring software to protect their kids from scoundrels and wrongdoings on the internet. We have reviewed a few popular and reliable Windows and MAC monitoring software to help you get the best out of the bulk. Read on to know which software our experts found best to monitor MAC and Windows computers.

How MAC and Windows Monitoring Software Work?

Windows and computer spy software starts serving you immediately after you download and install it on the computer device you want to monitor. The information stored on the computer such as the internet browsing history and keystrokes is uploaded to a confidential online account that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. As well as monitoring the activities performed on the target MAC or Windows device, the user can operate the target computer device simply by logging into the online account of the monitoring software.

Core Features of the Windows and MAC Monitoring Software

We have rounded up here the main features of the Windows and MAC tracking software to let you comprehend how the software serves the users.

Online and Offline Monitoring

Whatever the target is doing online and offline can be tracked with monitoring software. While the internet browsing history reveals the detail of each website visited on the target MAC and Windows computers, the screenshots help the users to be aware of the activities performed offline. The software provides the user with the statistics showing when and how frequently a website is visited or a computer program is used.

Screen Recordings

The MAC spy software allows users to record the computer screens to find out what the target is doing on the computer in real-time. Whether in form of photos or short videos, the screen recordings can help parents or employers capture whatever appears on the screen of the target computing device.

Website Filtering

The monitoring software blocks access to the unrequired websites enabling employers to eliminate internet distractions with an aim to boost productivity. The parents can block objectionable content and inappropriate websites to prevent kids from exposing to pornography and adult content.

Email Tracking and Keystroke Logging

The monitoring software allows the user to track the emails received on and sent from the target MAC and Windows computer. The user can read the content of the emails and can get the email address of the sender and receiver of those emails. As well as email tracking, some monitoring software allows keystroke logging which means the user can log into the target’s email account using the keystrokes. The user can get all the keystrokes applied on the keyboard including password, username, and email keystrokes. Though keystroke logging is unethical, when it comes to the protection of kids there is nothing immoral for the parents. The employers can use keystroke logging only on the company owned MAC and Windows devices and only after informing the employees and taking their consent to monitor.

Track Websites and Apps Use

The Windows monitoring software allows the user to get the internet browsing history of the target and evaluate which websites are frequently being visited and at what times of the day. Similarly, the detail of the frequently used computer programs and apps can also be tracked.

The Bottom Line

The perks of MAC and Windows monitoring software are plentiful but the key is to choose reliable and feature-rich monitoring software that worth your money. After reviewing many tracking software for MAC and Windows computer, we have found TheOneSpy one of the most secure and cutting-edge monitoring application allowing monitor MAC, Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the software provides its users hundreds of other functionalities to supervise the activities of kids, spouses, and employees tracking their computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other internet-connected devices.