Co Working

Co-Working and Shared Spaces

In this era, traditional jobs and working options are a thing of the past. Numerous work options that allow flexibility are in demand. People prefer to work anywhere, at any time and this is where co-working comes in.

So, what is co-working? In a normal workplace you will find workers from the same company. But in a co-working space, you share the office space with other people, who may be employed by different companies.

This work option enables you to build a network outside of your own organization. Many influencers, entrepreneurs and freelancers use co-working spaces. Research has shown that co-working boosts productivity and creativity, especially in professions that isolate the workers.

How does co-working work?

Co-working companies provide users with office spaces for rent -either a private office or a co-working area. They also offer meeting rooms and event spaces for hosting events on a rental.

If you look for an office space in a corporate building, then you have to shell out a lot of money. You will see the people from your own organization on a daily basis. However, in co-working, you don’t have to pay a lot of money and the space is more aesthetically pleasing.

They provide services like coffee machines, internet, projectors etc. like other corporate offices. On top of that, you get to build your network if you work in a shared space, as there are people from different companies.

Co-working in North America

The co-working movement started in 2005 in the USA and has grown exponentially. The millennial workforce prefers co-working space compared to traditional workspaces. Co-working spaces are popping all over most major cities with an annual growth rate of 24.2%. Co-working is a new way of melding work and life in a sustainable manner.

Co-working spaces are designed to create a collaborative and productive work environment for the dynamic inhabitants.

Why co-working?

Research shows that employees thrive in a co-working environment. Their levels of thriving was an average of 6 on a 7-point scale as compared to those who work in regular offices. The survey revealed three predictors of thriving.

People using co-working see their own work as meaningful – Free lancers who use co-working find their work more meaningful. This is because it is a melting pot of workers from different companies. There is no direct competition or internal politics. Meaning may also come from the culture, where people help each other rather than compete to put the other down.

They have job control – Co-working spaces are accessible 24×7 and workers can choose when and how they want to work. This definitely adds value to work.

Part of the community – Co-workers feel a part of the larger business community, because of the shared culture and friendly vibes.

There are third-party providers for coworking and virtual offices all over the USA. There are quite a few conference room rentals in Georgia, New York, and California. You can also find offices for rent in Valdosta Ga at great prices and flexible options.