Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Teens Which Harbor Cyber Predators

Social networking apps have been playing a significant role in teens’ lives. These platforms allow them to communicate with people across the globe. Meanwhile, these applications enable them to publicize their views, opinions, activities, events, and sentiments. On the other hand, social media carries some risks for younger children. The unsupervised and unmanaged use of social networking platforms can expose teens and tweens to bullies and predators. This article discusses the most dangerous social networking apps that provide harbor to online child predators. Parents are needed to monitor the usage of these apps to protect their children from the potential dangers of social media.

Who are Cyber Predators?

The cyber predators are adult internet users who use social media and other online platforms to access and victimize adolescents. They gather information about the target from their social media profiles. For example, theFacebook profiles provide them information about the target’s liking, habit, activities, residence and contact information. They misuse this information and trap the target with flattery, attention, admiration, and gifts. Their only aim is to sexually exploit the target to produce sexually explicit videos and images related to child pornography.

Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Teens

We have rounded up here the riskiest social media apps for teens. If your kids are using any of these apps make sure you monitor their usage to protect children from child molesters.


Facebook is the most commonly used social networking platform which is also the biggest facilitator of bullies and predators. The platform allows scoundrels to reach and trap younger children. The Facebook messenger app enables child predators to exchange enticing messages and explicit videos and photos with the target.


Snapchat has gained tremendous popularity within a few years after its inception. The self-deleted messages of Snapchat encourage teens to exchange sexually explicit messages, photos and videos with their fellows. The social networking app has promoted sexting and teens consider it most secure to exchange sexts because they automatically get deleted from the receiving and sending device within a few seconds after being seen by receiver.


Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps that allow posting and sharing photos and short videos. The platform is being used by predators and bullies, who make negative comments on target’s posts to humiliate, offend and harass him.   


Tinder is a social media dating application that lets you find your romantic partner online. There is no process to verify information provided by the user which increases risks of cat-fishing. The scammers and predators provide inaccurate information to trap others. The dating app also allows two users who choose each other for a relationship to communicate and plan meet-ups. There is no secret that such meetings with strangers can have horrible consequences for teenagers.


Kik is an instant messaging app which is considered the most unsafe messenger to be used for children. The app allows users to communicate with people around the world without any hindrance. The app is being used by many underage children even though it is intended for those above the age of17.


WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app that allows users to exchange text messages, photos, videos, audio and video calls. The app is being used by child predators who misuse the platform to access and trap adolescents. They make use of video calling and media file sharing to lure the target and exchange sexually explicit stuff.


Line is another instant messaging app that is quite popular in different regions of the world. It offers exchanging text messages, video and audio calling and media file sharing. The instant messenger provides safe heaven to cyber predators by letting them communicate with the target.


Viber is a popular instant messenger that offers all traditional features of instant messaging app. It uses internet connection to allow users to communicate with the online fellows. The cyber predators, pedophiles and bullies misuse the app to trap adolescents.  


IMO is another commonly used instant messaging app that enables users to exchange text messages and visual messages. The predators make use of video calling feature of IMO to communicate and trap the target.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging social media app that allows users to post and share what other social media apps do not allow posting and sharing. The platform is being used by predators and molesters to trap younger children.

There are numerous other dangers associated with these social media platforms. Parents can make use of parental control and cell phone monitoring app to supervise their kids’ digital behavior to protect them from potential dangers of social media.