Dark Site of FaceBook

Dark Side of Innocent Little Facebook

If someone goes way back when Facebook social media app has come into existence no one has shouted about the dark side of the Facebook.

But over the years the negative side of the Facebook website and app has made headlines. Because when young kids and teens get their own cellphone devices connected to the internet they get started with multiple activities.

The activities are text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, sharing media and Voice messages. All of the activities have come up with the launching of new Facebook features such as video and audio calls, group conversations and others.

Now, these days’ online predators in terms of bully’s online, stalkers and sexual predators also have become tech-savvy. Because predators online have realized that they can trap teens and kids online with anonymity and convince them to meet them in real –life rather than do approach teens in real life.

Moreover, young tweens and teens have got involved in online blind dating using Facebook social media app. Let’s discuss all the dark side of the innocent Facebook of children that they used to of using on their mobile phone and computer devices.

Facebook Dark Sides

Obsession with the social media app

Young kids and teens that own cellphone devices alongside internet connection they install Facebook instant messaging app or website. Moreover, peer pressure is one of the most powerful sides of making login on the messenger among kids and teens.

Moreover, when teens, tweens, and kids get introduced with Facebook features in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio, and video calls and sharing of photos and videos really blow the young mind. So, they use it all day long and finally get obsessed with the messenger.

Texting and sexting

The habit of sending and receiving text messages or texting at the end of the day converts into sexting when they get involved in an online affair with the stranger.

The online strangers could be stalkers or sexual predator that usually exploits young teens towards sexuality. So, the habit of sexting become worse and they further indulge in the habit of sharing nudity online using Facebook social messaging app.

You may have seen and listened to young teens sharing their photos openly or to someone privately in the inbox.

Engagement with the stalkers 

Facebook is full of male and female stalkers. They trap online young kids and teens by sending them messages and then show their interest to have them as their friend initially.

Further, they keep on texting and more likely to ask about their personal life and information.

At the end of the day, teens become friends of the so –call a friend and get started to date them in the real world. Ultimately, stalkers ask them to have sexual favors as their lover and once they get it then move towards the next target again online.

Blind Dating & cyberbullies

Young teens usually get involved in party life, drug abuse and in blind dating using Facebook social media app. However, every second young teen and tween bullied online through cyber bullies.

They make comments on their photos and videos and make fun of their life moments and even on every aspect of their life and also use sexual and abusive language.

Facebook over the years is popular among teens for online dating tool and this very concerning thing for parents when they get to know they are dating an online friend.

Moreover, teens usually don’t bother to put privacy settings on their Facebook profiles that ultimate is a kind of an offer for predators online.

How to prevent dark side of Facebook?

All you need to do is to use a Facebook spy app on your kids and teens cell phone. You need to visit the web and then subscribe for cell phone monitoring app in order to track your kids and teens Facebook activities to the fullest.

Once you have installed a mobile phone tracking app on the target device. Then get access to the web portal using credentials you have got the time of subscription.

Moreover, when you have got the access to the control panel go and visit the Facebook monitoring app.

It will empower you to perform live screen recording of the target device when the messenger is being activated.

However, you can get the logs of FB in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio, and video calls, multimedia shared and last but not the least Facebook Voice messages.


Don’t worry about the dark side of the innocent little Facebook installed on your child phone. Simply get started with Facebook monitoring phone spy app.