Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Industry

Whether you are managing a hotel business or own a destination resort, your digital marketing strategy sets how your current and potential customers perceive your hotel or resort. There is no secret that marketing plays a significant role in giving a push to your business. When it comes to hospitality business, you are continuously dealing with people which can be complex most of the time. You are trying to convince your customers, checking for availabilities, managing rooms, negotiating over prices and coming up with new offers and campaign all at the same. This complex and time-consuming process can make you face hitches in making a meaningful impact on your customers regarding your brand or product.

While conventional marketing and advertising are losing their magnetism, digital marketing has turned out to be the only feasible way for hotels to sell their services. However, you must know who your target audience is before you designyour marketing campaign. Once you know this, here is how you can design aneffective digital marketing campaign to significantly boost your hotel sales.

Situation Analysis

You must be clear about where you stand and what message you want to convey to your potential customers. Meanwhile, do market research and look into the trends prevailing in the market. You must also be able to create new trends putting a step ahead. Also, analyze your competitors and the mediums they choose to increase their brand awareness. Analyze your own strengths and weaknesses and plan how you can improve them.

Set your Goals

Once you know where you stand, think about where you want to see your hotel or resort. Make out a plan about how you can boost your sales, gain customer satisfaction, engage your customers and deliver the wow factor.

Digital Media Marketing Strategy

The widespread adoption of social media has transformed the way people used to buy products and services. Today, they first check out the online reviews of the products and seek users’ comments about certain brands. All this means if you succeeded in satisfying your customers, you can make them spread positive words about your business.

Social media allows businesses to reach the target audience with the right message. Get connected with your potential customers from the point they start thinking about a vacation to the point they return from a vacation with stories to share. An effectively designed digital marketing strategy targets customers at each stage of their lifecycle. It is recommended for hoteliers to create travel-related videos to inspire potential customers. According to a survey, almost 66 percent of travelers watch such videos before booking their trips as these videos give a sense of authenticity. The social media platforms such as SnapChat and Facebook are gaining popularity for their video featureswhich are quite helpful for the businesses in increasing brand awareness.


Google has made it more challenging for the companies to see their rank on the search engine. The search results are now influenced by the user’s location and the choices of the surrounding people. Google’s set of rules for determining websites ranking changes regularly. In this situation, it is recommended for the businesses to design their websites in a way that it could easily be indexed by search engines. Optimize your website for local search to let the local consumers find you. Work on your product; write SEO-based relevant content to make search engines coming back to your site. Link building, guest posts and outreach efforts can be most effective SEO tools at this point.

Up your Social Media Game

There are numerous social media platforms facilitating entrepreneurs to give their business a push. You do not need to be on every single social media platform but make sure you have a Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to searching engine or resort. While your presence on these platforms is of crucial importance, you must also be active on these socializing sites. If determining websites won’t hear anything from you on social media they may fail to recall your brand.

Many hoteliers do not bother boosting their followers which, of course, is not a good thing for their business. If you only have a few followers on yourFacebook or Instagram page, you are not utilizing the social media platforms to their full extent. Also, make a wise decision while choosing social media manager to gain maximum followers for your hotel. Choose someone having a good sense of humor, style with some skills in photography and graphic designing.

Monitor Performance

Make sure you keep track of your digital media campaign and monitor you performance regularly. Analyze where you were before initiating the marketing campaign and where does your business stand afterward.

The Bottom Line

Astrong digital marketing strategy for hotel industry focuses on needs, desires, and challenges customers face while choosing a hotel or resort to book. Focus on providing the right customers with the right experience rather than just filling their rooms.