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Employee Spy – Is it Legal or Illegal?

An employer usually does heavy investment on the company’s owned devices in order to meet the challenges of productivity. Putting such an effort by the employers may ruin by the employees when they use the company’s owned equipment such as phones, tablets, pads and windows and MAC for their personal use rather than for assigned tasks. Ultimately, all the efforts and investment become worthless, just because of lack of focus by the employees on particular assigned target. Therefore, modern technology has developed a number of spy applications in order to make a check on the employee’s activities within the working hours. Monitoring employees sometimes become a big debate that either it is legal to monitor employees activities by tracking the devices assigned by the employers.

Is it legal –Employee monitoring

Every individual has a right to secure their privacy and it is matter. No, one has the right to breach anyone’s privacy. On another hand in-case monitoring employees is legal even then that does not mean that they have right dig out all the rabbit holes of employee’s privacy while working at the workplace. Employee monitoring is a legal activity having the consent of your employees. You have to inform your employees that he/she can be monitored by the bosses. Therefore, doing anything against company’s policy may suffer an employee from their job. So, monitoring employee’s productivity to enhance the business or to protect the business is totally legal.

Therefore, in business organizations, employers use the best tracking software in order to spy on the company’s owned devices assigned to employees from a central location. Usually, spy apps are used on business networks and enable for easy centralized log viewing through a single central network PC.  Monitoring laws are different in different countries.

Every state in the US has their own employee monitoring laws, but generally monitoring the employees by the employers is legal when employees are using company’s owned devices such as computers windows and MACs, laptops and smartphones.  According to (ECPA) The electronic communication privacy, the company’s owned devices can be monitored by the employers. So, employers are free to spy on everything an employee does on the assigned devices such as computers when connected to the internet. The employee monitoring is more authentic when an employer has written the agreement with the employee that he/she can be monitored while using the machines of the company.

Mostly in the States of US, if there is written the agreement between the employer and employee, then conversations on the devices can be recorded. On another hand, the federal wiretap laws have the exception for bosses that seek employee consent, and recording of calls is specifically done for the improvement in the business productivity or avoid any misshape done by the employee.

Finally, we can say that employers can monitor the activities of employees on the company’s provided electronic devices such as laptops, MAC and window computers, cell phone and tablets. But an employer should inform the workers that they can be monitored within the working hours at the workplace.