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How to Attract More Visitors with Topic Pages

How to attract more visitors with topic pages: A small but useful traffic tip is in my blog article today. It’s about topic pages for your blog. What that is, what they bring and how you create them, you will find out below.

I Also Introduce a Practical Example.

Theme pages in your blog or increase the number of visitors in your blog, and you should not just look for the usual large and extensive measures. Even small optimizations bring something, especially in the sum. Such rather small measures are topic pages that can be used very well in a blog.

What are the Topic Pages?

These pages are similar to Sneeze Pages. While Sneeze Pages usually cover extensive areas, one topic page is more specialized.

You can find the best example on online or other websites Self-employed on the net, where I have created a topic page on YouTube.

On this page, I list, among other things, some of my specific articles about YouTube so that readers can get more useful information about the topic. But there is also a short text in which I comment on the importance of YouTube for self-employment and, among other things, report on my experiences.

Besides, further content for a topic page is conceivable, such as videos, podcasts, newsletters, own products and more.

What Do Topic Pages Bring?

Such a topic page bundles information and links to a specific topic. This has the advantage that readers get particular content on a page and not only stay longer but also look at more content/articles. Besides, the concentrated know-how increases the trust of the users.

But synonymous with Google brings a topic page something. Due to the additional content that you write in there, a topic page often works very well. Due to the prominent placement, e.g., in the main navigation, the site is more often shared and always gets backlinks.

All this means that such theme pages are often among the most popular pages of your blog and thus also provide a lot of traffic.

How to Create Your First Topic Page

This is quite simple but requires something important. One should already have published some timeless and straightforward articles on a specific topic.

For a topic page, I use a static page (page) in Word Press since this is not a reasonable article.

With a more substantial article archive, it is not a problem to compile thematically matching own articles and to link them to the topic page. Besides, it is essential to write a readable and useful text and possibly further interesting content/media to involve the topic.

Finally, you should link such a topic page prominently, e.g., in the main navigation or the sidebar.


A theme page is an excellent complement to your blog and relatively easy to create for those who have been blogging for a while. As a result, such topic pages will often rank well, providing extra visitors and longer dwell times.

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