How To Expose

How to Expose Your Cheating Spouse

It is absolutely not alright being betrayed by your significant other not just for the ordinary people like you and me but also for the Hollywood heartthrobs. Whether it is the stunning Jennifer Lopez or the dashing Robert Pattinson, many celebrity couples have become the victim of infidelity. However, it is a bit harder for the celebs to keep their extra marital affairs secret because the paparazzi are always around in every corner waiting for some spicy stuff.

The breakup of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt is still the most talked about cheating scandal. The actress was happily married to Brad until a British newspaper suddenly reported that the guy has been going to hotels with Angelina Jolie while they were performing in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The duo separated their ways filing a divorce the same year.

The 34-year long relationship of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon ended when Sharon found out that Ozzy was cheating on her. Sharon found out that her husband was having an affair with a hair stylist through emails they were sending each other. The rumors that the hair stylist was also getting financial support from the singer, added fuel to the fire.

Infidelity has been a part of human nature since long but with the advancement in communication technologies and the prevalence of internet access has made it easier to have multiple romantic partners at once. The social networking sites, chatrooms, dating sites and scores of other platforms enable both married and single individuals to engage in an emotional or physical relationship with someone.

If you are doubtful that your partner has an extramarital affair, look for the clues that can help you discover the truth. You can check out your husband’s phone but a cheater would never allow you to touch his phone.

Here come the mobile phones monitoring application that can help you monitor each and every activity performed on your husband’s mobile device without giving him any clue. Once you install a spy app on your husband’s phone, it starts working secretly and keeps uploading all the information stored on his phone to your device. Given are a couple of things that you can do with these spy applications to catch your cheating husband red-handed

You can read the incoming and outgoing messages, listen to the calls received or made from the target device. The contact information including the name and number of the person who has been communicating with your spouse through messages or calls will be known to you. There are some applications that allow you to record these calls and even intercept the live calls.

These applications allow you to track the exact location of your spouse as well the detail of the places he has traveled to within a certain period. As well as GPS location tracker, there are many other ways to know about his whereabouts. Some top notch spy software allows you to take control of the camera and microphone of your husband’s mobile phone to see where he is and with whom.

He might be having some cozy moments with his new crush or maybe having a candle light dinner at her favorite restaurant. You can also listen to the sounds and voices heard nearby the target device to know what he is talking about at the real time. The cameras can capture photos and record videos for you so you can present the evidence to your spouse when needed.

The biggest edge of these tracking apps is that you can keep an eye on the cyber life of your significant other. Whatever he posts on social media accounts and with whomsoever he is communicating online can easily be tracked. From Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber and Twitter to Tinder, Kik and Google Hangouts, you can spy on almost all the popular social media and IM apps used on the target device. Who is there in your husband’s friend list and what he/she is sharing with your partner can be tracked.

Just like Sharon, you can also spy on your husband’s email to make sure he is not getting or sending emails to someone you do not want him to. You can read the content of the email as well as the information of the sender or receiver of that mail. Moreover, you can keep an eye on all the internet activities of your partner seeing each URL entered in the browser and time and frequency of using a certain website.

We are sure this would help you get enough evidence of your partner’s infidelity. The next step is to face off your husband who would not try to dismiss your allegations saying that it is just a mistake or he and that one anonymous are just friends. Now when the things are clear, it is your turn to take the right decision for your relationship and your life.