Computer Monitoring

How to Monitor Windows Computer through Monitoring Software

Whether you are a cynical employer, an anxious parent or someone in need to monitor the Windows computer of someone else, you can set all your worries to rest with spying software. The entrepreneurs can watch out the use of company-owned Windows computers to prevent theft and boost employee productivity averting the internet distractions. The parents can keep tabs on the computer activities of their teenagers and underage children to protect them from cyberbullies, online child predators, virtual peer pressure, narcissism, sexting and exposing to pornography. Once you install the monitoring software on the computers at your home and workplace, you can supervise the activities of your family and employees without taking their computers into possession. To help to monitor computers of your kids and workforce, we have rounded up here how you can monitor Windows computers using monitoring software.

How to Spy On Windows Computers with Monitoring Software?

First, you need to choose reliable and feature-rich monitoring software compatible with Windows computers. Install the software on the computer you want to monitor. After the successful installation, the information stored on the computer device will automatically be uploaded to an online account. Log into that account providing the confidential username and password and enjoy monitoring and controlling the target computer device from anywhere and anytime.

We have rounded up here a few core features of the top computer tracking software to give you an insight on what the monitoring software can do for you.

Real-Time Online and Offline Monitoring

Employee Monitoring.

The Mac monitoring software facilitates employers to have a detailed look at each employee’s activities during the work hours. The Real-Time Monitoring helps you watch out what your target is currently doing on the Windows computer. A few of the top-notch spying software enables you to monitor both the online and offline activities of your target. The user-friendly statistics help you figure out when and how often an application is used and a website is visited. Moreover, the tracking software enables you to monitor more than one computer at once.

Website Filtering

As well as keeping a check on employee productivity, you can accelerate the efficiency of your workforce eliminating distractions. Internet distraction is the biggest factor negatively impacting employee productivity. The employers can prevent internet abuse blocking unnecessary websites. You can block the social networking sites, music and video streaming sites like YouTube and Soundcloud, and many other websites preventing your employees from focusing on the assigned task. The parents can keep block objectionable content and inappropriate websites to prevent kids from exposing to pornography and adult material.

On-Demand Screenshots

The employers can catch the unproductive employees killing their working hours playing Solitaire on computers. The monitoring software helps you capture the screenshots to know if your worker is busy playing a game on the computer system or working on the assigned task. Similarly, the parents can remotely watch out whether their kids are working on a school assignment or watching a movie on the computer.

Track Emails and Keystrokes

Your employees might be using email services to transmit the confidential information of the company to the competitors. With the tracking software, you can read all the emails sent and received on the company owned computers. You can also track the email time, date and the email address of the person who sent the email and to whom the email is sent. This feature is equally beneficial for the parents to ensure their kids do not get any unwelcome or threatening email from persecutors or child predators. Moreover, you can get the keystrokes applied to the keyboard and the mouse clicks on the target computer.

Track Internet Browsing History

The spy software helps you track the internet browsing history of your workers and family to get detail on which website was visited, when and for how long. It will let you know whether your workers are utilizing the company internet for work purpose or misusing it for the sake of entertainment. Meanwhile, you can get a detailed report on the use of each computer program. You can also categorize the websites, computer software and apps as productive and unproductive.

Hope you would have found this post helpful in learning how to monitor Windows computers using monitoring software.