Kids Privacy

How to protect Kids privacy online?

The young generation undoubtedly is known as the generation of cell phone gadgets. You may have seen kids using mobile phones all day long and connected the cyberspace.

Spending times with friends on playgrounds and to have chit chat in real-life with friends has been decreased as compared to their past generations.

However, these sorts of activities have been transferred to the social messaging apps and the mobile phone screen has been converted into the playgrounds.

But on the other hand, the security of kids and teens has been compromised dramatically.

The reason behind the lack of security of the children has decreased due to rise and the rise of a digital world, digital vulnerabilities and last but not the least the privacy concerns have risen over the years to the fullest.

The privacy online has got so much worth when it comes to the young children.

Is Kids online privacy really an issue?

Obviously, when kids use the cell phone and social networking apps without the setting online privacy on their social media accounts and do the activities without knowing the dangerous consequences.

The online predators are on the rise and they are always in the search of young children because they are easy to trap online.

Most of the young kids and teens have their individual devices and they make the number of social messaging app accounts without having a privacy setting on their cell phones, social media accounts such as they share their complete information with complete name and address and even many of the kids share their school name.

On the other side, child abusers, stalkers, cyberbullies, and sexual predators always trying to trap young children and parents are not updated whom they are talking, messaging, calling and sharing what on instant messenger via use cell phones. So, I would say parents have to keep an eye on the children online privacy.

Kid’s online privacy tips for parents


Make your own social media accounts

Most of the parents don’t consider having social media accounts specifically similar to the instant messenger’s kids are using.

I would say they should have similar social media accounts that kids are using. Then they should make their kids their friends online.

This will help out parents to know the most of the activities that are not private at least on the social messaging apps such as sharing media files such as photos and videos, comments on their shared photos and their friends online.

Parents will easily get to know what sort of activities kids and teens are doing in the digital world and to some extent their company of friends online. Furthermore, they will get know, are their kids has set privacy setting on custom mode or not such as on their photos, profile, and other things.

Set privacy on your kid’s cell phone gadgets

All the contemporary cell phones such as Android, IOS and plenty of others enable a user to set privacy on the phones such as passwords on their cell phone gallery, data protection through iCloud or with the cell phone data backup app such as cell phone surveillance software.

However, parents can set which websites kids and teens can use on the cell phone and to block the inappropriate content on the phone.

Observe your children behavior

If your kids and teens are using the cell phones and social media apps, then you should keep an eye on your children behavior in order to observe things are going well or they have a sort of depression.

Because most of the young kids and teens cyberbullied and the start living lonely and in silent mode. Therefore, parents will get an alert through their mode that the online privacy settings have become necessary.

Teach your kids how to set online privacy: Social Media

When your kids are about to come into the age where they start getting things that how to use social media and cell phones and for what reason, then very first thing you need to teach is the privacy online.

However, all the instant messaging apps provide user online privacy settings to protect user privacy such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Snapchat, Instagram and all other alike.

Consider parental control app installation to view kid’s privacy online

At the end of the day, if your all efforts do not make the difference, then you need to install the cell phone parental control software on your kids and teens device.

Then you can view all the activities happen on the target cell phone device. You can use IM’s social media and can view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, audio, and video conversation, shared media files and you can listen to the Voice messages.

Furthermore, you can use spy 360 live screen sharing and you can share their mobile phone screen to the online control panel of the mobile phone spy app. It will empower the user to view all activities happen on the phone; social media activities and either kid have fixed the privacies online or not.


Use cell phone parental control software and get to know the loopholes in the kid’s online privacy and you can further protect children online privacy.