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How to Use Facebook Profile Guard

facebook on Wednesday declared it’s piloting new tools in an Asian country which will stop misuse of profile photos. The social large aforesaid that the feature was unrolled once feedback they received from users in the Asian country.

The new feature provides additional management to users by limiting WHO will transfer and share their profile photos.

Profile image Guard. in addition, Facebook is additionally introducing styles to profile photos that the company’s analysis has shown useful in deterring misuse. The feature is anticipated to roll out to users in additional countries shortly which suggests that this may be exclusive to users in the Asian country for a few time.

Facebook says users in Asian country can begin seeing a gradual guide to feature associate nonmandatory profile image guard. Once applied, the profile icon will now not be downloaded, shared, or sent during a message on Facebook.

Additionally, folks that don’t seem to be friends on Facebook will not be able to tag anyone, as well as themselves, in your profile image. Facebook conjointly says that it’ll stop others from taking a screenshot of your profile image on Facebook wherever doable. This feature is presently accessible solely on mechanical man devices.

With the new icon Guard, users WHO pick the new tool can see a blue border and protect around their profile photos as a visible cue of protection.

If you’re excited concerning Facebook’s new icon guard feature then follow the below steps to secure your profile icon. Note, not everybody is able to see the feature in real time because it remains being unrolled slowly within the country.

Method 1

  • Refresh your News Feed, and you will see a message (pictured below), prompting you to assist shield Your Profile image
  • Tap activate Profile image Guard
  • You will then see a screen explaining the advantages of the Profile image Guard
  • Click Next
  • You will then see your current profile icon, complete with the protect image, with the choice to save lots of
  • facebook profile image guard1 facebook

Method 2

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Tap your profile icon
  • You will then see the choice (pictured below) to show on profile image guard
  • If chosen, you may get the choice to save lots of, and so see your profile icon with the protect image
  • facebook profile image guard2 facebook

As for the flexibility to feature a style to your profile icon, the choice shows up as a prompt on your News Feed, a bit like methodology one on top of. you may see the message Add a style to Your Profile image, followed by the choice to feature style.

Once you faucet this, you’ll then choose from a variety of style overlays, and so click Next. The steps area unit pictured below.

facebook profile image guard3 facebook

Facebook reveals it developed the new profile image guard tool in partnership with Indian safety organisations like Centre for Social analysis, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz.

“Based on preliminary tests, we’ve learned that once somebody adds an additional style layer to their profile image, people area unit a minimum of seventy five % less possible to repeat that image,” aforesaid GD. Facebook says that these styles can create it easier for users to report misuse of their profile image.