Most Popular Smartphone Apps 2019

Get the most from your phone

Ever wondered how smartphones have completely changed your lives? Thanks to the smartphones that today we can browse the Internet, social media platforms, manage calendars, listen to music., play interesting games, watch videos, capture precious moments by clicking pictures, read the latest news, write messages, do phone calls and a lot more.

And smartphone apps have made it easier as you can order food at your doorstep. Shop online, make a grocery list, online money transfer, and communicate with others via video call.

Here we’ve compiled the list of the most popular apps of 2019 that are here to stay:

Social Media Apps


Whatsapp, owned by Facebook is an enormously popular messaging and Voice over IP gives the user the liability to send messages, voice, calls, record voice messages, video calls, pictures, documents, and user location. Whatsapp is being used by 1.5 billion users over 180 countries.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the instant messaging tool syncs with all devices while rapidly accumulating millions of users. The widely used chat app supports communication between international phone networks.


Have you discovered Instagram yet? I bet you have. There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story. You easily connect with everyone with the help of images and videos. Instagram prominence continues to develop since it first started in 2009.

With more than 500 million active users, people have fallen in love with this platform because of the convenience.  Instagram is a center stage for images. Snap a smartphone photo, choose a filter to transform and upload-it’s all as easy as a pie. The app’s popularity is not likely to die down, it will upsurge as new features are being added every now and then.


The biggest host of videos on the planet is for the people and by the people. YouTube offers a medium for people to connect. Millions of people watch what they prefer.

Signing into YouTube app allows users to access to channel subscription. The distribution podium allows everyone to upload, view, rate, and share videos. No wonder why everyone has fallen in love with the simple, easy to use the app.

Shopping Apps:


Amazon has emerged as the most prominent e-commerce platform across the globe. Amazon has managed to create real value for customers while aiming at a wide variety of things they want to explore. The light-weighted app is quick and fast to use. It allows you to search and filter a diverse range of products on various parameters with a few taps.

Having multiple payment gateways and simple checkout process, you get the current update regarding your order status. Better product categories, seamless navigation, upselling, cross-selling filters, prime membership free shipping makes this app stand out from the rest. 


Alibaba is one of the biggest online commerce company in the world. IT has millions of users and merchants connected with it. The best destination for online shopping is the fastest growing e-commerce market.

Anyone can buy products from suppliers from across the globe. Partnered with major freight merchants, it offers on-time delivery, apt tracking information, and fair pricing. Pick the best deals offering huge discounts and promotions.


The global marketplace for unique and innovative products. You get extraordinary, personalized items and unique handcrafted pieces. The flee market of the Internet for the artist and designers. There are more than 10 million items from 800,000 sellers. People find one of a kind products from Etsy and most of them a reproduced on demand. Customers can explore, buy products and manage everything. Having Google Wallet and PayPal support, paying bills becomes easy.

Entertainment apps:


The subscription-based online video streaming on demand app lets users watch movies, web-series and TV shows on a smartphone. One thing for which it is liked by many is the anywhere, anytime convenience. 

According to Forbes, Netflix has 2 million subscribers and it has defeated its own forecasts of 3.2 million new subscribers. This will continue to grow more.


The best music streaming app has managed to take the world by storm in the past few years. It has ad-supported free version features and the purchase removes ads offering additional features.  It has now reached 60 million monthly active users spread across 58 countries. It not only plays music but it is also about discovery, curation, and social interaction as well. Supporting small artists, it connects with big artists as well. 

Spotify has managed to transform how people interact with music, making it more intimate. If you haven’t downloaded till-now, rock on Spotify.


TED has exploded in popularity because a normal individual got a platform to express views. TED presentations are the uncanny ability to connect with the audience on an interesting topic. Most of the presenters are eclectic. The speakers vary: they are influencers, beatboxers, prodigies and more. Most importantly presenters have a good understanding of the topic and ability to engage the audience.

Today, the younger generation is more open to express views and share opinions. Presenters share an authentic and intelligent perspective of an unexplored topic. Everyone loves TED and why not when it has so much to offer.

Game Apps:
Memory Game:
Wealth Words

Make money solving puzzlesas you solve the amazing crosswords. This amazing game is not an app but a web-based game that comes in different grid formats and the player can choose as per convenience. You submit the answers within a given timeframe and if you win you get up to $3000. Now that’s actually huge.

Many crossword expert pro aficionado has fallen in love with the unique real money game and won many times. It’s your time to make your brain exercise while enhancing your retention power as you get engaged in this game.

Fiction Game:


PUBG, the one of a generation kind of game recently hit 10 million daily players.

Dive into the Erangel Island and hunt what you can. Kill other players in Player’s Unknown Battleground. The best part of the game is there are 99 other people with the same idea. There is only one winner.

It ensures that players can have an amazing experience at any level. The competitive spirit created in the game makes it popular amongst the players.

Word for the wise: If you are waiting in a queue or getting bored, you can play real money games, watch Netflix videos, connect with friends and whatever you like. There are a lot of choices, so you can choose as per your preference. Great idea. Isn’t it?

Have a great time by accessing these apps as they make your life a lot more fun.