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SEO Copywriting: To Make Sure Your Content Ranks in Google

Are you frustrated by the lack of views as well as engagement on your blog posts? Wondering why your blog never appear to rank in Google, no matter how hard you try?

This is a problem faced by several business owners. The owner invests so much time as money into generating content, then they obtain discouraged when it doesn’t get any traction.

Keyword research

While keywords aren’t quite as significant as they used to be, they’re still a essential element of SEO services. Doing some basic keyword research will aid you find keywords that your target market is searching for, and words that you have a chance of ranking for?

Using your favourite keyword research tool (like Google Keyword Planner, or SEO Book’s Keyword Tool), compile a list of possible keywords you can target.

In general, it’s enhanced to pick a major topic for your post, than to choose a variety of words and phrases that will help you flesh out that topic. This is preferable to simply opting one or two keywords and then using them over and over again. This practice could even hurt your ranking.

On-page SEO

The most significant aspect of on-page SEO is simply utilizing your chosen keywords in strategic areas of your post. A plugin like Yoast SEO or the All in One SEO Pack may help with this.

The most significant places to use your keywords and phrases are in your:

  • Title tag
  • URL (e.g.,
  • Header tags (H2, H3, etc.)
  • Alt image tags as well as image captions (where relevant)
  • Throughout your content

Again, remember that it’s preferable to target a topic rather than a accurate keyword. This is because Google has gotten superior at determining the topic of a page based on the entire context of that page. This is why it’s significant to search as well as utilize a variety of relevant words as well as phrases.

Choose a format that has the finest chance of obtaining links as well as shares

Research has shown that certain blog post formats tend to obtain more links as well as social shares. We know that links as well as shares both go a long way toward improving rankings.

According to research from BuzzSumo and Moz, the content-types that typically proves to be most popular are “opinion forming, authoritative content on current topics or well researched as well as evidenced content.”

In other words, blog posts that take a strong side on an problem, blogs that are in-depth as well as those which are based on solid research tend to obtain the most links and shares.

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