Should Children’s iPhones be Monitored?

There is no secret that the widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has revamped human lifestyle. The younger children of post-millennial generation have access to smartphones which let them communicate with the people around the world. Meanwhile, these communication means may expose them to several risks such as cyber bullying, child predation, sexting, scamming and cat-fishing among others.

Parents of the digital citizens are not just obligated to provide their children with mobile phones but they are also required to protect their Kids from the menaces of these technologies. The best possible way to ensure the security of teens and tweens is the supervision of children’s mobile phone activities. Parents must monitor their kids’ mobile phones to ensure the yare using the technology in a secure and responsible way and not exposing to its potential dangers. This article discusses the importance of cell phone monitoring of children and tools for iPhone monitoring.

Why Monitor Children’s iPhones

The cell phone monitoring particularly iPhone monitoring is of great importance for the security of children. A smartphone carries several risks if not monitored and managed by parents. Undoubtedly, smartphones and particularly iPhone are powerful tools that connect the user with the world. No matter where you are, you can be virtually present anywhere in the world with the help of smartphones.

Children may not be able to take a wise decision about how should they communicate with strangers and people from different countries and culture. The most common threats of mobile phones for children include cyberbullying and child predation.

Cyber Bullying

The cyberbullying is the use of mobile phones, messages, phone calls, emails, social media apps, and other electronic platforms to frequently harass someone. Your kids are likely to receive threatening messages from bullies who are more likely to be their displeased fellows. The unstopped bullying can have severe impacts on your kid’s mental and psychological health. He/she may suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts.  

Child Predation

The predators and pedophiles are adults who trap teenagers cyberbullying exploitation. They contact the target via mobile phones or online platforms and lure them with flattery, attention and gifts. They convince the target to enter into a relationship and then start blackmailing them for sexual purposes, predatorsusually trap teens and tweens for producing videos and stuff related to she may.

Monitoring of Children’s Smartphones

Parents should supervise the cell phone activities of their children to protect them from bullies, predators, and pedophiles. There are cellphone monitoring and parental control apps that are particularly intended for parents to keep a check on their kids’ cell phone usage. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app is one example of these apps. It is a cross-platform app that allows remotely and secretly monitoring the Android and iOS mobile phones of children. Parents can keep an eye on every single cell phone activity of their kids without being helicopter parents.

iPhone Monitoring App

TheOneSpy offers a complete solution for the monitoring of iPhones and iPads. You can track all messages received and sent from your kid’s smartphone to detect bullying messages. The spy app syncs incoming and outgoing text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages stored on the monitored cell phone and uploads them to an online spy account which can only be accessed by parents after providing confidential credentials.

Meanwhile, the iPhone monitoring app lets you monitor outgoing text of your children. You can get access to their call logs and know the detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Moreover, the spy app lets you monitor the internet usage of your children. You can detect which websites a visit on their smartphones and what sort of information they search on the internet. The internet browsing history of Safari browser gets uploaded to the online spy app account from where parents can analyze the internet usage of their children.

Unlike many other iPhone monitoring apps, TheOneSpy offers a non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution. There is no need to jailbreak your kid’s smartphone to get it installed with spy app because it lets you track the targeted iPhone without spy app installation. You only need to put iCloudcredentials of the targeted cell phone to start tracking your kids’ iPhoneusage.