Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing role in Technology

Technology has made us fully dependent in our daily routine matters. Now everyone has their hand’s tech gadgets and seems busy in calling, using social media apps and chat conversations with the online friends.

On another hand technology in the shape of social media marketing has its own importance mostly to the tech industry. Basic Social media marketing is one of the trendy tools in the technological world and playing a significant role in the business world.

“It is as important for us to present in social media as doing search marketing, Jeremy Bevan, the chief executive officer at networking giant Cisco in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR). “ We have come to the point that having the presence in EMEAR is similar to conduct 10 major events in every single day, he further added that. 

Almost 70% of B2B and more than 80% of IT decision-makers are relying on digital media to learn and ratify information regarding B2B purchases; Suhela Dighe social media marketing director, EMEA said that. 

Technology in the shape of digital media platforms is very significant for business, and the business has made their roots for the promotion of products in the online social world. Now we have capacity and as well as ability to transform social media into our products, Liam Houghton, product Directo, at London based mobile app company said that

“It is necessary for all of us to be in social media and it is also compulsory for us to doing search marketing”, the Jeremy Bevan, the chief marketing officer at networking giant Cisco in Europe said that. “We are examining our presence in EMEAR and also doing 10 huge events each day, Jeremy Bevan further stated that.

The social media tools such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Whatsapp and many others alike are very important for product marketing point of view. Now business world has skills to convert a social media platform into products.

Social media marketing is the best tool for tech-related business and I would say it has become the main ingredient for the promotion of the particular product, mostly products related to the technology.

The world-renowned companies have learned the art over the years since the social media marketing tools have come into existence, to look after the audience they have had in a centralized manner.

They have the complete grip on their skills to judge the target audience and how to remain up to date in order to compete with the competitors.

In the modern world, even the product related to technology has yet in the process of completion, but its marketing on social media even started before months in order to realize the audience that it is coming up in near future having particular features.

The companies which are producing products related to technology come forward and play the significant role to produce inbounds leads. They always have the plan to promote the product in an effective and with the outstanding planning and strategy in order to get clear advantages for your business organization. On another hand,

social media marketing is based on tactics and tools in order to which possibly leads to the product. The social media marketing in the shape of inbound marketing needs following mentioned methods.

They use keyword strategy in order to explain the phrases to buyers. 

They actually use their mind to optimize their blog or website to make readers found your target keywords.

They create blogs, develop content that offers customers or readers eBook, white papers and with the help of videos in order to explain to the buyers that how they will be able to get buying methods.

The use Social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn to promote the content. They also spy on calls of customer services representatives in order to know the customer viewpoint.

They use landing pages of a blog or website and promote it on social media platforms to indicate users and followers in order to get leads.

They also work on the enhancement of leads with the help of email marketing and with the help of purchasing methods.

They optimize their website on regular basis in order to maintain the terrific to get leads and to higher the chances of selling the product.


Anyhow, we have come to the point that social media marketing has its significant role in technology no time ever before.