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Switching to Mac OS from Windows? Here are a Few Tips for Beginners

Finally! You have made your mind to switch from Windows to Mac OS. There might be several reasons encouraging you for this switch. Perhaps, someone has bought you a new Apple computer or you have got a Mac computer to work on at your workstation. Whatsoever the reason is, we are here to help your switching. This article provides a few tips to make your Mac users efficient as it was on Windows.

Which Mac OS Version You Should Install?

If you have not already switched to Mac, the first thing that may to your mind is that which Mac OS version you should try. The latest version of Mac OS or Mac OS X is best for the users as it is very good in performance. EveryMac OS release is free of charges and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

How to Update Mac OS System

To update Mac OS, click the Apple menu at the top left of the desktop. Tap the Apple Store and then click the Updates tab. It will automatically update Mac OS X and the system components like iTunes and other apps installed via Apple Store. The other apps follow different ways for the app update. You may check for their updates in the Preferences. The apps like Microsoft Office and Abode Creative Cloud automatically inform you when there is an update.

How to Launch Applications in Mac OS

You need to find the dock to launch new applications or switch to ones that are already open. The dock is the most significant part ofMac OS and it is placed at the bottom of the screen. You can move it to any side of the desktop as you can move taskbar in Windows. As well as applications, the dock also contains the Trash Can that does the same as the Recycle Bin ofWindows does.

How to Control Window in Mac OS

You know how to control window through three buttons available at the top right corner of every window. You can close, minimize and maximize the window using these three tabs. The Mac OS works in the same way. It only has these three buttons at the top left side of the window rather than on the right side.The green button in Mac is used to make window enter fullscreen mode.

What about Right Click?

If you want to open a menu for a certain item, you need to right-click in Windows. However, there is no right-click button on Mac OS. To right-click on Mac, press and hold the item for which you want to have more options. You can also hold the Ctrl button while you tap on the item. Also, you can enable right click on Mouse from System Preferences. The Magic Mouse will locate your finger’s position and allow you to right-click.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

The keyboard shortcuts for Mac are almost the same as you use on Windows. There are a few differences such as Mac uses Command Key in place of CtrlKey. The function keys F1 to F16 in Mac offer extra quick functions.

What are Uses of Apple Menu

In the top left corner of window, you will have an Appleicon. The menu which appears when you click on Apple icon is named Apple menu. TheApple menu lets you shut down, log out and restart your system. You also have System Preferences, App Store and many other options right there.

The Difference of Menu Bar

In Windows, the menu bar for each program appears in the window of that program. In Mac, there is a little change. The menu bar of apps inMac appears on the top of the screen. Open the app and to control that app click on the menu bar appearing on the top of the screen. You will have the name of theapplication in that menu. Click on it and control preferences for app andperform other tasks.

How to Close Crash Programs

The unexpected crash of programs is not uncommon in Windows and Mac OS. Press Command Key+S to save your work on Mac computer then click and hold the crashed app’s icon on the dock. Tap Force Stop in the pop-up menu. You can also press Command Key+Option+Esc to close crashed program.  

Hope you would have found this article helpful in switching to Mac OS from Windows. Keep visiting us for more updates.