The All New Kik Messenger Is Super Fun And Exciting

There are a number of different chat applications that you can download and use on your smartphone and your computer. However, there are only a few chat applications that work on multiple devices and allow you to co-ordinate with your contacts in a seamless way. One of the major reasons why Kik Messenger has gained so much popularity in the recent years is because this is one messenger that you can use on multiple devices keeping in mind your privacy. Different people have different opinions about Kik messenger and although there are a number of other messengers that might seem more convenient to use, the truth is that a lot of features that Kik messenger have to offer makes it an ideal messenger to try and definitely one of those app services that might get you hooked on to it in no time. In case you have been wondering what the benefits of using Kik messenger are and how it is different from all the other messenger services that you have already tried, here are some exciting features that you get only with Kik messenger.

Custom stickers and smileys

The truth about a chat service is that the more interesting the emoticons and smileys are, the more exciting the service gets. One of the highlights of Kik messenger is that it has some other interesting emoticons that you might not find on other chat apps. Whether you want to ask somebody out for coffee or you want to thank them for something interesting that they’ve done or whether you want to wish them a good morning or you want to simply let them know that you miss them, you no longer need to worry about typing all this down. Kik messenger is an effective messenger service that allows you to send these interesting emoticons with a simple click of a button. Considering that most smartphones these days are really large, it becomes difficult for people to type using only one hand. However, when you have Kik Messenger with you, there is not a lot that you need to type because most of the questions can be answered with the help of these emoticons.

They are really cute and it’s a lot of fun to communicate with people using them. When you are in a crowded train or whether you don’t have a lot of time to reply to someone’s message these emoticons come in very handy. They are interesting and make your chat a lot more fun. There is also a sticker shop with Kik messenger so once you are bored of a particular set of stickers or emoticons you can always go and purchase more and write something different. You can get seasonal emoticons as well just keep the spirit of a festival or a season live. You can Learn More Here and download kik messenger for you to use. If there is a football world cup going on you wouldn’t be surprised to get some interesting football related emoticons and if Christmas is around the corner then you can feel festive with a number of emoticons and stickers related to the festival.

Chat with the bots

Online shopping has become a trend today but this also leads to a lot of confusion with regards to which brands are worth investing in and which are the ones that you would simply be wasting your money on. If you want to learn more about the latest trends to follow, the best places to shop for clothes that would suit your style, you can definitely get in touch with a Kik bot and ask them all these details. If you’re lonely and you don’t have a lot of friends, these birds can help communicate with you and help you get through the day to make it easy or even if there is a lot going on in your mind. Whether you want to ask the world for suggestions to purchase a gift for someone you love or whether you want to meet somebody new, these bots definitely assist you in a number of ways. It is a lot of fun and instead of constantly going to the help page of a particular chat app these kik bots are a lot more convenient and definitely a lot more effective as well.

Video calls

Kik Messenger has an effective video calling service that does not lag. While most of the chat apps that you might have tried already have this feature, the attractive thing about Kik messenger is that even if your friends are really far away from you there is not going to be a time lapse which means that you will be able to have a smooth and effective conversation rather than having to wait for them to reply after you asked the question minutes ago. The video calling service is very clean and it’s a lot stronger than most of the other chat apps that you will find.

Meet somebody new

What separates Kik messenger from all the other messenger services is that you can make new friends as well. While most of the other messenger services allow you only to chat with people that you know or the contacts that are listed on your phone, kik messenger gives you the opportunity of exploring new contacts as well. This means that if you are lonely and if you are looking to make new friends or find love this is probably one of the best ways to go about it. Although you could download a dating app, you may or may not find something in common with the people that you meet on these apps. With Kik messenger, you are only going to get connected to people who you have a mutual contact with or share a certain interest with. This makes sure that when you meet somebody not only do you have a common interest with them but you are also more comfortable and you feel safer interacting with them.