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The Benefits of Data Base as a Service

A database as a service, or Data Base, is a way to host databases on the cloud, reducing the investment usually needed for infrastructure and software. You have access to the DaaS from anywhere through an internet connection, as well as the possibility of configuring, maintaining and monitoring it, which is also great for people who work remotely.

Elasticity and adaption

Software as a service, which includes Data Base, BACKEND Work, Tracking, CMS, has become extremely popular over the past few years for a lot of reasons. The first benefit that attracts people is the fact they don’t have to fork out the initial hardware and software costs, neither do they have to worry about maintenance. The software as a service also allows people to maintain and develop their apps on one platform, as well as GETS immediate on the cloud as to how the features of their application are being used.

Data Base is the next step providing customers with the following benefits:

On demand service

No need to install or configure hardware or software

Pay-as-you-use service

No long term contract

No need to maintain or upgrade as an user

There are numerous vendors now providing Data Base, but not all have the core requirements listed above.  To be areal Data Base, the service provider must be able to offer the database and platform. There are some providers that use the language you prefer, such as PHP or Java, to build apps on while others have their own programming interface.

More benefits of Data Base

When you use a database as a service, a SQL database is able to learn the patterns of the app you have created. This allows the performance and reliability to be improved automatically and it increases the reliability and protection of the data held. This allows you to put your focus on to the app you are creating or improving.

Because it’s controlled by the cloud the chance of downtime is minimal, which means you won’t get customers complaining about the apps any longer working as more people use it.


The thing about introducing new apps is that you can start with just a few customers downloading and using the features on just a few devices then that demand for your app could increase quickly. The great thing about using a database as a service is that it can grow as your customer base expands, eliminating the risk of downtime, as would be the case if you needed to in crease the server or add a new one.

If you are an app developer, a lot of customers using your multitenant app means the performance and security can be compromised. By using a database as a service you don’t have to compromise on quality and security to meet the needs of your growing fan base, as you are easily able to manage and isolate depending on customers per database. You are also able to use the programming language or platform that you are most comfortable with so you don’t have to learn a whole new language, which could delay the app building.

With a database as a service, you will be able to build apps that automatically have enhanced security rather than having to wait until there is an issue and disappoint your app users while you fix it. You will meet the SQL requirements, which means that you are less likely to face problems with data protection