TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy Parental Control and Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy parental control and monitoring software for mobiles are the best in business. It has plenty of features that help a user to use it for parenting purpose and for business as well.

Parents can use the application in order to spy on the activities of young kids and teens which they perform on Android cell phones, tablets, and pads. On another hand employer in a business firm can use it to monitor the company’s owned gadgets assigned to employees.

Therefore, TOS android spy for cell phones is the robust tool for parenting and to make the check on employees. The user can use all of its features with sheer accuracy and efficiency. Let’s discuss all of its major features which are perfect for parental control and to keep an eye on employees in a business organization.

TOS Features for Android phones


There are following powerful features set parental control on Android devices and to monitor employees within the working hours.

Bug their phone:

The user can monitor and listen to the surrounding sounds of a target cell phone device of kids and teens by creating the bug in the MIC of Android device. The user can also make short videos of the surroundings through spyvidcam by using the back and front camera. It further allows a user to take photos by using the camera of an Android device.

Live Screen Recording:

It is the most advanced feature of the TOS Android mobile parental control and monitoring software. You can say it is the jack of all trades. The user can monitor each and every single activity happened on the screen of a phone.

The live screen recording enables a user to do the screen recording such as chrome screen recording, password chaser, YouTube Screen recording, SMS screen recording, camera screen recording, Gmail screen recording and on-demand screen recording. It also empowers a user to record the screen of IM’s social media such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Zalo, and many others alike.

Spy on Calls:

The user can also spy on all incoming and outgoing calls by using the spy on calls of TheOneSpy Android cell phone tracking app. The user can record and listen to live calls, view call history logs and then save it on the internet in order to have a reminder.

Spy on Text messages:

The user can spy on text messages and can come to know what sort of conversations are running on the Android smartphone device. It further enables a user to track the MMS, monitor messages, BBM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

GPS Location Tracking:

It is the greatest feature of TOS Android monitoring app to keep an eye on the movement of the employees within the company and even the outside the premises of the company.

The user can monitor the employees GPS location when they are outside the company in order to supply the company’s products to clients. The user can track the current location of the employees with the help of GPS location tracker.

Remotely Phone Controller:

It is the best tool for parenting point view; it enables parents to keep an eye on kids and teens activities and set parental control whenever they want. Parents can view all the installed apps on the target Android mobile phone,

User can block the text messages, a user can also block the internet and user can block all incoming calls from the strangers on kids and teens cell phone devices. It means a user has the power to set the parental control and monitoring preferences on the target phone.

Browsing History:

The user can also view all the internet activities performed on the target cell phone Android device. The user can view all the visited websites, bookmarked websites and appointment saved in the calendar as the reminder. The user will come to know that what sort of content target user has viewed on Android device.

View multimedia files:

The user can all view all the activities happen on the phone by getting the real-time screenshots of the activities with the help of view multimedia files of TOS parental control and monitoring app for android phones.

The user can also view the photos and videos by getting access to the phone’s gallery and also listen to their VOIP calls.


The user can get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target cell phone android device. The user can use the keylogger of TOS parental control and monitoring app, it enables a user to get all the keystrokes applied on the phone such as SMS keystrokes, password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Once a user has these kinds of keystrokes, then a user can get access to the phone and even can get access to all kinds of messengers which a user is using on the device and get to know each and everything happen on the target phone device.

IM’s Social Media:

Employees use different kinds of messengers in order to transfer the work files to one another within the offices and also waste time on making gossips. On another hand young kids and teens use social networking apps for chatting, group chatting and make conversations for online dating and many of other purposes.

The user in the shape of parents can get their hands on all the activities young kids and teens do on IM’s and can view IM’s logs, IM’s chats, conversation, shared media files in the shape of photos and videos and VOIP calls. Employers can also do the same in order to view what sort of conversation employees do within the working hours.

View Phone Activities:

TheOneSpy Android monitoring and parental control program empowers you to view the phone activities. It enables a user to view phone book of the target device, View colander events and view their task logs.

Read Email:

The user can also get their hands all inbound and outbound emails on the target android cell phone device. It enables a user to view the nature of the email sent and received by the target mobile phone user.