Top 5 Tips to Expose Cyber Bullies at Workplace

The businesses worldwide have widely adopted social media and instant messaging apps for internal and external communication. These online communication tools can be misused by bullies to harass, offend and humiliate co-workers. The workplace bullying has turned out to be the biggest concern in large and medium scale businesses across the globe. According to a poll conducted by the Employment Law Alliance, almost 45 percent of American workers say that they have experienced bullying at their workstations. The bullying can have severe impacts on the productivity of the workers and can also influence a person’s physical, mental and psychological health. This article discusses how we can combat cyber bullies at workplace.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying is not different than the traditional face to face bullying. Frequently threatening, harassing, humiliating or offending someone using the electronic means is called cyber or online bullying. The electronic means include mobile phones, messages, emails, calls, social media apps, instant messengers, chat-rooms, blogs or online platforms. If some oneuses these tools to harass a co-worker, it is termed as workplace bullying. The bullying may prevent you from doing your work productively and efficiently.

The workplace bullying is the biggest issue for employers because it negatively affects the productivity of the workers. The employee productivity has an association with company output and profit and less productivity means less profit. Bullying can happen with anyone from permanent to temporary workers. Some workplace harassments are severe and come under criminal offences. Such harassments can be reported to the police.

How to Expose CyberBullies at Workplace

It is employer’s responsibility to make workplace bullying-free zone. For this, they should have strict rules and policy to deal with bullies. Moreover, they may use the following tips to combat bullies.

1.Employee Monitoring Software to Combat CyberBullying

The employee monitoring can play a significant role in the bullying. While some employers use human resources to supervise their workers, some use software and applications to monitor workers. There are employee monitoring software that enables employers to supervise the computer activities of the workers. For example, TheOneSpy employee monitoring software lets you monitor messages, emails, calls, social media activities, computer and cellphone activities.

Once you install the employee monitoring software on with bullies-owned computers and mobile phones, you can remotely monitor the ’ activities performed on these devices. It helps you prevent with, phone calls, social media posts, and emails. Every negotiation of are employee worker made via monitored devices gets uploaded to the online portal ofTheOneSpy app. You can log into the online portal via your mobile phone or computer and read these conversations anytime and from anywhere.

2.Get Things Recorded

If you are experiencing cyberbullying at the workplace as a victim, make sure you gather evidence of bullying. For example, if the bully is sending threatening messages via WhatsApp or other social messengers, make sure to save all these messages. You can also take screen shot of these messages and create online backup of these screenshots or messages. This evidence willstrengthen your case and help you expose the bully.  

3.Get Witnesses

You must have witnesses and support group to provide guidance and help you present your case before higher authorities. The more people you will have for your support, the easier it would be to combat and cyberbullying cyber bully.

4.Report Issue to Authorities

If you are a victim of cyberbullying, make sure you inform your higher authorities. If you choose to be silent, the bully may continue teasing you and many others. Also, unstopped and continuous bullying can have severe impacts on the victim’s psychological and physical health. If you are being bullied by will strengthen higher management, try to take the issue to your directors or directly to employer. You can also report the matter to law enforcement institutes if you fail to get support from your company.

5.Report Unlawful Harassment

The law provides protection against harassment and discrimination based on race, color, age, disability, culture or religion. If the bully threatens to physically harm you or stalk you, you are free to file a complaint with law enforcement agencies.

We hope these guidelines will help you deal with bullies at the workplace. Keep visiting us for getting more tips and tricks regarding cyberbullying.