Top 10 Android Spy Apps of 2018

The smartphone spy applications have been portraying a pivotal role in workforce monitoring and child monitoring. Intended for parents, employers, and spouses, the mobile phone spy apps provide great support to the end-user in supervising the digital behavior of their concerned individuals and groups.

However, the availability of myriad monitoring and tracking software applications has made it challenging for the users to opt for a trustworthy and feature-rich app. We have rounded up here the top-notch Android spy applications of 2019 to help you get software that worth your time and mone

  • TheOneSpy


TheOneSpy is a multi-platform software compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It offers a broad range of rooted and unrooted features which includes social media monitoring, live surround monitoring, screen capturing, GPS location tracking, live call recording and message monitoring among others.


It supports Android OS versions 3.0 to 9.1.


There is numerous package plans you can subscribe on the monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The one-month subscription of Android Lite Package is priced at $18, while the one-month subscription of Android Premier Package costs $50. There are several discounts you can avail on the purchase of the software.


It offers the cutting edge features of social media monitoring.

It offers live monitoring of surroundings.

It supports oldest to latest mobile phone devices running Android OS.


It does not offer a free trial version; instead, there is a demo version.



The Android spy application gives you remote control of the monitored cell phone tracking phone calls, emails and messages exchanged via Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and other messaging platforms.


It is compatible with Android OS versions 4.0 to 6.0.


There are two categories to be subscribed from – Basic Edition and Premium Edition. The basic edition can be availed in $8.33 a month and the premium edition costs around 12.49 a month.


It supports remote commands and remote installation.

It allows retrieving deleted messages and other information.


It does not support personal computers and mobile phones running Windows and BlackBerry OS.

  • FlexiSpy


This is another useful Android spy app which lets you sneak into popular social media and instant messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and Hangouts. It also offers VOIP call recording, surround monitoring and location tracking.


It is compatible with Android OS versions 4.0.3 to 7.1.1.


There are Premium and Extreme packages to choose from. The 12-month premium package is priced at $149 a month and the 12-month extreme package costs around $349 a month.


It allows monitoring of multiple devices simultaneously using individual dashboard.

It tracks suspicious words in messages and notifies you of the incoming call from certain numbers.


It does not offer call interception on dual SIM phones and CDMA networks.

There is not a refund policy.

It is quite expensive as compared to its competitors.

  • MobiStealth


The Android spy software offers all conventional spying features including message monitoring, call tapping, and location tracking. Having a user-friendly interface, the spy app keeps running in the background and continues collecting data without ado.


It is compatible with Android OS versions 4 and above.


The basic 12-month plan of MobiStealth can be availed at $119.99, while the premium 12-month package costs around $179.99.


It offers keylogging and screenshot features.

It records the target device’s surroundings.

It tracks Gmail activities.


It does not support the latest Android devices.

There is no free trial version.

  • MSpy


The surveillance software is intended for parents and employers who are looking for ways to supervise their kids and employees’ online and offline activities. It monitors and records phone calls made and received via the monitored device; intercept messages and track device location.


The software is compatible with Android OS versions 4 and above.


The basic one-month subscription package starts from $29.99 and the Premium subscription package can be availed at $69.99 a month. You can also get a bundle plan after paying $84.99.


It allows setting screen time limits.

The spy app remains undetectable on the monitored Android device.

The multi-lingual interface of the app attracts non-English speakers.


There is neither free trial nor demo version.

It is overpriced as compared to the competitor spy apps.

  • Highster Mobile


The Android spy software created a stir in the spy app market when it offered a one-time payment solution. Though the tracking app does not support numerous mobile phone devices, it offers a broad range of spying features to monitor the cell phone use of family and business personnel. Meanwhile, it offers different ways for app installation. You can type an address on the targeted phone browser, scan spy app’s QR code or transfer spy app from the personal computer to targeted phone via Bluetooth or USB cable.


It is compatible with Android OS version 3 to 8.


It can be availed in $70 and can be used for as long as you want.


It offers stealth camera to take photos and make videos remotely and undetectable.

It tracks popular social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The installation process of the spy software is time-consuming.

There is no free trial or demo version for potential buyers.

  • PhoneSheriff


The PhoneSheriff can be your go-to Android spy software if you want to track the cell phone activities of your loved ones. It lets you block inappropriate content; track call logs, photo logs, and contact lists. Also, it displays the recorded data in chart forms and lets you save this information in PDF, XSL, and CSV format.


It is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 to 7.1.2.


The spy app can be subscribed for at least six months against $49. The one-year subscription of the software is priced at $89.


The Factory Reset option allows you to restore the targeted phone to its original state.

It lets you monitor multiple devices from one platform.


The icon of the spy app remains visible on the target device.

It requires the target phone to be rooted.

  • TheTruthSpy

Thruth Spy

The cell phone tracking software offers basic spying features including message and call monitoring, social messengers monitoring and geo-location tracking. It also records keylogs and receives SMS commands to perform certain actions.


It is compatible with Android OS version 7.1.2.


There are three different plans to choose from – Standard, Premium and Gold. The standard plan offers limited features and costs $21.99 a month. The premium plan offers high-end features against the price of $25.99 a month. The estimated cost of the Gold plan is $30.99 a month.


There is a 48-hour free trial version.


It does not offer email tracking.

Some of its features do not work seamlessly even after rooting the target device.

It is costly as compared to alternative apps.

  • SpyEra


It is another useful Android spy app offering a variety of features including tracking of target device surroundings, messages, call logs, contacts and GPS location. Your device needs to be rooted to get the advantage of the Android spy app.


It is compatible with Android OS version 7.1.1.


The yearly subscription fee for monitoring an Android phone is $389. However, an Android tablet can be monitored at $249 for 12-months.


It provides SIM card change alerts and uses the spy camera to capture surroundings.

It offers remote control features to control certain functions of the target device.


There is neither free trial version nor demo version.

The installation process of the app is a bit complex.

  • Spyzie


Spyzie lets you monitor the targeted cell phone without getting it rooted. The Android spy app offers all basic spying features including tracking of geo-location, messages, call logs, keylogs, contacts and more. It also monitors popular social media apps and instant messengers including Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.


It is compatible with Android OS versions 4.4 to 8.0.


There are two subscription plans for the users: Ultimate Edition and Premium Edition. The Ultimate plan offers limited features and costs around $89.88 a month for the 12-month license. The Premium edition offers a broad range of high-end features and costs around $99.99 a month for one year license.


It allows setting up limits for the targeted mobile phone use.

The app activity graph indicates which apps are frequently being used on the monitored device.


It is an expensive spy app as compared to its alternatives.

It does not provide GPS location in real-time.

The Bottom Line

When we compared these high-rated Android spy apps, we found TheOneSpy as the most advanced and reliable spy application which offers a broad range of cutting-edge features. It does not require your target device to be rooted to use most of its spying features. The spy app is equally beneficial for the employers and parents to supervise the online and offline activities of their employees and children. While the monitoring software enables employers to boost the productivity of the workers, it enables parents to protect their children from the cruelties of the adult world.