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Top 5 Android Apps for Business Managers

The businesses have plenty of complex tasks and projects dealing with which is not the piece of cake for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. From the management of human resource to the handling of company finance, there are countless operations to be executed by the business management team. As luck would have it, the advancement of digital technologies and the widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet access have bestowed use with numerous helping tools in carrying out complex and prolonged business processes. There are several applications and business management mobile software that streamline the business operations and provide great support to the employers and business managers. We have rounded up here the top Android applications that have been playing a significant role in business management. These mobile apps let you manage your workforce and the business processes without any hindrance of time and location. No matter where you are and what you are busy doing, you can deal with your business matters right on your Android mobile phone.



TheOneSpy is a mobile phone monitoring and tracking software that is particularly intended for the entrepreneurs and business management to monitor the workforce and supervise the activities performed on their mobile phones. Employee monitoring is among the most significant aspects of the businesses as it influences the output, company income, and profitability. The monitoring software helps the human resource management to find out what the workers are busy doing and what type of activities they are involved in during the working hours.

The cell phone spying apps allow monitoring the customer care, marketing, and remote teams by tracking their mobile phones. It allows reading the messages exchanged by the workers and listening to the phone calls received and made by the staff on the monitored mobile phone devices. The software allows supervising the internet use of the workers and shows detail regarding the websites being visited during the working hours.

Once the software is installed on the target mobile phone, the software starts accessing the data retained on the device such as messages, contacts, call logs, emails, and keystroke. The data is then transferred to the online account which can only be accessed by the employer as managers or authorized persons. In short, business managers can monitor almost every single activity of the workers performed on their mobile phones and company-owned devices with the help of monitoring software.



Skype is the most commonly used Android application in businesses for the communication purpose. The instant messaging application is specialized in providing text messages, audio, and video calls as well as conference calls. Moreover, the application allows for sharing photos, videos, documents, and files in various formats. The technological advancement has introduced us to several mobile phone applications for getting connected with the rest of the world. However, Skype is found to be the most reliable and prevalent Android software for in-house communication in businesses. Also, the application allows the business managers to manage the remote workforce and freelancers. With the Android communication app, you can virtually be present at any meeting with your co-workers, subordinates and higher authorities.


Time Doctor

TimeDoctor is another most useful Android app which is intended for the employers and business managers. As depicted by its name, the app is designed to manage the time spent during the working hours. The Android time management application enables business managers to track the time and productivity of the workers. The application does not only measure the productivity of the employees but also helps to boost the employee efficiency by preventing them from needless and unproductive tasks. The Android software also offers a solution to prevent internet distractions by monitoring the internet use of the workers. It depicts how your workers are using the company internet. Whether they are using the facility provided by the business organization for the welfare of the company or causing monetary loss to the firm misusing the company internet. The software also shows the time spent by the workers on each website which enables you to find out if your workers are giving more time to YouTube or to the productive websites of the business concern. TimeDoctor also lets you prioritize your tasks. You can communicate with your workers which are the most important and least important tasks for them on a certain time. The software helps the business managers to track the real-time activities of the workers working in the workplace as well as the workers working from outside the workstation.



FreshBooks is a business management Android app that streamlines the accounting and finance related operations. It monitors and manages the invoices and provides support in generating personalized invoices. When it comes to periodic invoices, the app automatically produces bills for the concerning client. The Android software also accepts the credit cards on the cell phones installed with the FreshBooks. The software also lets you manage your expense and creates reports accordingly. It is an in-app purchase but fortunately, there is a free trial version of the software also available. You can use the Android app for 30 days without paying a penny. To extend the use of the business management software, you are required to pay around $13 to $40 per month varying the number of clients.



Trello is another Android application particularly intended for business and project management. The app tracks the work progress of the individuals and groups. There is a board on which you can create numerous cards. Each card represents a task, project, assignment or anything. You can insert comments to that card; add members to that card and provide the deadline for the accomplishment of that card’s task. Also, you can attach files from Dropbox, Google drive and computer storage. The software also allows you to prioritize the tasks and notify the members of the changes made to the card. The application is free to use but the business version of the app costs approx. $10 per month.

Hope you would have found this article helpful in picking up the best Android app for the purpose of business management.