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Top 5 Spy Application for Windows

Windows laptop and desktop devices are one of the popular and user –friendly computer machines. When it comes to the third world it’s been the bestselling devices over the years. Because all other devices are expensive and everyone cannot purchase it. So, Windows PCs are very important and widely used devices.

Windows laptops and desktops are famous in business organizations and even among the modern youth. But over the years since the windows technology has become popular worldwide millions of employers and parents are looking forward to spying on windows computer machines of children and employees respectively.

But the problem lies when they want to choose the best window spy software on the web. When you visit the web and put a keyword spy apps for windows then you will see plenty of results related to the monitoring apps are floating on the web.

However, when you open every result everyone claims to be the best of the best. Then you got confused which one would give you the results you are looking for. Therefore, today I am going to tell you about the top spy apps for windows. Here are the followings that are best in the business.


TheOneSpy Review

It is one of the best computer monitoring and it has made its way to the next level. That’s why in my opinion it is at the top of my list. TheOneSpy monitoring app has a number of products including windows desktop and laptop spy software. it alarm end user about the potential dangers and give the user cunning and tactical edge against the suspected suspicious activities happen on the target windows desktop devices.

Surveillance App

 No matter what if you are going to computer monitoring or children laptop windows PCs you can do it in real time and get opinion it about the activities with a complete time stamp. You can monitor and products including dishonest and sluggish employees in your business organizations by using windows surveillance app.

It empowers you to record and capture all the activities of employees. However, parents can use it for digital parenting and get to know kids and teens browsing activities and same is the case with employees.

You can use website blocking tool to block the access on inappropriate websites, you can fix alarms, get user–friendly reports in terms of activity logs, email sent/received, visited apps and websites and others. Moreover user can perform invisible mode of tracking, online and offline tracking and last but not the least capture screenshots.


Mspy Review

It is the second best computer spying software. When it comes to the selling of the particular product its also the second bestselling spy app for windows after TheOneSpy. The problem lies about its expensiveness. It is the most expensive windows monitoring app in the spy market online.

However, it also enables the user to spy on the windows desktop and laptop machines of kids and teens and as well as for employees working in the business organization. The user can track browsing activities, screenshots, email monitoring and to secretly tracking all the activities happen on the target windows machine.



It is an extremely powerful window monitoring app that offers users all the possible ways and features to track employees and children activities to the fullest. You can monitor windows browsing activities, email monitoring, block websites, and capture screenshots and other activities.

But when it comes to its interface it is very difficult for the app in –tech-savvy people and has issues when you are looking for the problem lies process.



Mobistealth is one of the classic spy apps for windows. It enables the user to set parental control on kids and teens windows laptops and desktops devices and the user can track employee’s Windows PCs.

You can spy on emails, screenshots, keystrokes, yahoo messenger and other major social media apps and websites and it allows the user to capture screenshots.



It is one of the most trusted windows tracking app for laptop and desktop computers. The user can easily install on the target device. But when it comes to its usage you may get issues in terms of least features to do surveillance on Windows PCs.

You can track location, browsing activities, keystrokes logging, screenshots and as well as secret monitoring in a sneaky way. All you need to do is to install the Xnspy software on your target computer machines no matter laptops or desktops and put worries to rest.


These are the top best windows surveillance apps that you can use for employee monitoring and to perform digital parenting on your children devices.